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Major Organizations

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Foundation for Economic Education and its Clichés of Politics link with many policy-relevant articles.

F.E.E. Building
Semester-long paid internship program at FEE for Dr. Cobin's best students (room, board, and monthly stipend).

The Cato Institute

Independence Institute

Reason Foundation

The Fraser Institute

Instituto de Libertad y Desarrollo

Centro de Estudios Públicos

The Hertitage Foundation

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace

The Institute of Economic Affairs, London

ESEADE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala

The Free Market Resource

Advocates for Self-Government

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

Pro-Life Issue

Libertarians for Life

American Life League

University Faculty for Life

Abortion TV: Video taped abortions and many other resources - a very complete site

First 9 months: A multimedia journey through the first nine months of the unborn child's life

Pro Life Links page

Pirate Pete's Pro-Life page

Pro-Life America (Abortion Methods Described)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Unborn Child Ruled Not Human in 1998 by 2nd District Court of Appeals

Profitable, common, and revolting live fetal harvests discussed in the Alberta Report: "Secrets of the Dead-Baby Industry" as well as the similar report in Insight On the News Online: "Harvesting Those Fetal Body Parts" and another gruesome report from World magazine: "The Harvest of Abortion" where a Southern Baptist homeschooler defends his ownership of a fetal harvesting and sales business. More on the issue is reported in The Wanderer: search archives for "Dead Baby Parts Business Booming" by Paul Likoudis plus the extensive February/May 2000 documentary in the Asheville Tribune "America's Back Door Market For Aborted Fetal Tissue".

National Right to Life

Partial Birth Abortion: Abortion Facts, Procedures/Issues, Priests for Life page, and Abortion Law's page.

"Abortion Is Four Times Deadlier than Childbirth" by David C. Reardon

A Parkinsonian Decries Harvesting Fetal Tissue

Dr. Peter Kreeft: "Human Personhood Begins at Conception"

Read Dr. Cobin's: "Abortion Policy and the Market", Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, vol. 15 (September 2003)

Pro-Life Action League: Testimony from a Ex-Abortion Provider

Portraits of abortion from the Abortion Gallery

Social Issues: Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Nefarious Polity: First Church of Christ, Abortionist

Links to pro-choice sites (opponents of life and liberty)

Links to pro-choice and pro-life sources

Homeschooling page

Homeschooling Is Growing Worldwide

Home School Legal Defense Organization

Educational Homeschool Directory

Home School World

Home School Central

Homeschool Resource Guide

"Public Schools and gun control: Government Failure of the year 1999" by Jeff Tucker

"HOMESCHOOLING: Back to the Future?" by Isabel Lyman (Cato study 1998)

The Separation of School & State Alliance

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Table of 75 universities offering degrees online (with links)

Homeschool Resources

Creationism/Darwinism Issue

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Science Home Page

Creation Research Society

Read Darwin's The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

Jay Richards: "Darwinism and Design" in The Washington Post, August 21, 1999

E-Mail Lists, Free Market Groups, and Home Pages

Bryan Caplan's Museum of Communism

FBI Paranoia Page / Waco Holocaust Museum (on Lew Rockwell's page)

Independent Institute's site on war and government power

Professors of Liberty Home Page

The Dead Economists Society

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Sam's Politically Incorrect Web Page on Human Freedom and the Laissez-Faire Republic

New Zealand Business Round Table

Dr. Peter Boettke's Home Page
Dr. Peter J. Boettke

Pat Gunning's Subjectivist Home Page

Carlos Sabino's Home Page (Venezuela)
Dr. Carlos Sabino

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Robert Clarkson, Esq.'s Patriot Network Page

What Caused America's War Between the States?

Public Choice, Austrian, and Law & Economics Materials

Understanding Democracy: An Introduction to Public Choice by Pat Gunning

The Library of Economics and Liberty

Introduction to Public Choice Theory (By Leon Felkins)

Internet Center for Study of Public Choice

Law and Economics Journal Bibliographies

Mencken's, The American Language (1921), "Specimens of the American Vulgate: The Declaration of Independence in American"

Law and Politics Internet Guide (research sources)

Contemporary Economic Myths (by Austrian Economist Steve Horowitz)

How Environmentalists Made the Tragedy of September 11th Far Greater

Publications and Online Journals

The Economist

Public Choice or try Public Choice's editorial page

Lew Rockwell's page: links to many magazines and news stories

World Magazine

Laissez Faire Books

Read online the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Review of Austrian Economics

Read online the Journal of Libertarian Studies

Read the online journal Planning and Markets

Read the online journal The Independent Review

Read the online journal Business Quest

Read the online journal Humane Studies Review

The Trinity Foundation (online newsletter and articles)

Dixie Daily News (Southern-based libertarian/conservative news source)

20,000+ Books online

Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism plus references to many online classic religious works

Reference Sources

Dr. Rummel's Democide Page & Data:The total number of noncombatants killed by their own governments exceeded 169 million during the twentieth century, as noted in Dr. Rummel's book Death By Government (also re the famous work The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.
Black Book of Communism
Click here to read the New Republic's (a left-leaning magazine) review of the Black Book.

Gallup Poll

Read online many classic books in law, economics, philosophy, constitutions, and more - a great resource!

Influential People in Economic History

Nobel Prize Internet Archive (Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Winners)-- also see the GMU link


Libertarian bibliography

Conservative Quotations "Just Right"

The Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies (Bibliography)

Environmentalism and Other Issues Causing Anxiety Debunker

List of Economics Journals



Christian/Calvinist Sources

Reformed Baptist 1689 Confession and other links

The C.H. Spurgeon Archive

Spurgeon's "Free Will - A Slave"

Spurgeon's "Defence of Calvinism"

John Bunyan's Works

John Bunyan's work on government: Of Antichrist, and his ruin: and of the slaying the witnesses

Westminster Confession of Faith

Transubstantiation - "A Roman Catholic Fable" and an alternate link

Pro-theonomy, partial preterist, and presbyterian site of Dr. Ralph Bass, Jr. (and his books)

Research and Search Links

U.S. Library of Congress Online Catalog

George Mason University Library Electronic Resources

Comprehensive Freedom Website Search

Medieval life economic sourcebook

Very Useful Web Meta-searchers: Ixquick's Stellar Web Search web metasearch and .

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Learn Spanish: a Free Online Tutorial - Lessons Index and Translator

Stock and Mutual Fund Ticker Symbol lookup

Currency and Precious Metal converter (exchange rates) and interactive table, or regional rate calculator (Latin America as default) or graphs and tables (US$ table default) with NZ$ graph here, Swiss Franc graph here, and British Pound graph here; plus the Bloomberg site.

Jobs, Webmaster, Software, and Other Stuff

Job Openings for Economists

The Chronicle of Higher Education academic jobs listing

Latin America's Professional Network (Members' link)

XSEDE Chile International (online headhunter)

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