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Policy of liberty is dedicated to the advancement of liberty and responsibility in society. Its philosophy is neither strictly libertarian nor strictly conservative, though strongly supporting the former in terms of economics and the latter on most social issues, abortion in particular. "Pro-life libertarian" is the term that makes the most sense. POL provides resources, links, books and articles, an email list, photos and links to famous economists, great quotations for liberty.

Policy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issues


John Cobin

Santiago, Chile
email: jcobin@policyofliberty.net

(864) 244-6464 (work) • (864) 244-8177 (fax)


Dr. John Cobin is a resourceful and successful self-starter, a leader in any field he chooses to work. An adept public speaker, fluent in Spanish and English, Dr. Cobin has been a financial planner, business consultant, and university professor of economics for over 25 years. His record of success in running businesses, writing books, articles, and a weekly column, along with running a morning call-in radio show and political campaign make him an interesting person. So does his global experience including travel to 56 different countries and 49 states, along with living in Chile for over 8 years. John also has 7 children and has taken on one half of the homeschooling responsibilities. His depth of experience makes his useful in international business consulting, financial planning and lecturing. His knowledge of business enterprise and organizations, and his professional demeanor and computer knowledge make him well-suited to deal with the corporate environment. His educational credentials, including two MAs and a PhD give him instant credibility with those he comes in contact. An independent worker but also a key team leader, Dr. Cobin is a man of integrity and skill you can trust.

Professor, financial planner, business consultant, maintenance consultant, author, columnist, professor of economics and public policy, and previous radio talk show host. International professional experienced in business development, entrepreneurship, policy research/negotiations, operations management, consulting and customer service. Expertise in urban regulation/transportation and offshore markets. Expertise in securities, life/health insurance, irrevocable trusts, and book publishing.

Take-charge, bilingual, objective-focused manager able to boost revenue and profits to ensure corporate growth and stability.

  • Took startup to six figure gross income, having grown client base to 100+ during 1989-1993 and another 200+ in 2001-2007; provided financial planning, insurance and consultations. Continuing to expand - with bright prospects for branch development as manager and increased commissionable activity in insurance and securities sales.
  • Managed department with 5 employees providing research services, planning, budget, and developed new business.
  • Generated 46% return on investment; introduced new products; identified profitable prospects.
  • Drove annual revenue to $30K; delivered cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • Collected and analyzed economic data for multiple policy projects up to $10K each.

Versatile professional able to deliver comprehensive concepts by utilizing yesterday's and today's technology.

  • Wrote several books on market processes/market-based regulatory alternatives/public policy/cultural dynamics of Chile and relationship of Christian theology and public policy.
  • Designed business plan to develop online graduate program in business/economics/public policy.

Ph.D., Public Policy, 1996; M.A., Economics, 1995, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
M.A., Business Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 1987
B.A., Business Economics, California State University, Long Beach, CA, 1985

Professional Profile

Dynamic leader with experience in developing and implementing effective business strategies that produce optimal results throughout diverse industries and environments. Combines gained knowledge and professional teaching skills to instruct large international groups (including MBA students) in economics, public policy, international business and urban regulation issues. Proficiency in HTML and Web designing techniques ensure future growth and potential for any organization.

Professional History

Relocation and business consultant bringing expatriates to Chile, Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile, part time
[January 2007 to Present]

CEO of Freedom Orchard real estate development project, Curacaví, Chile, part time
[August 2012 to Present]

Radio show host of "Red Hot Chile" (internet-based), Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile, part time
[January 2012 to Present]

Gold coin arbitrager, Santiago, Chile, part time
[January 2011 to December 2012]

Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile, and international lecturer. His publications have appeared in peer-reviewed, refereed journals such as Planning Theory (ISI), Planning and Markets, Independent Review, Economia dei Servizi, Economic Affairs, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and (forthcoming) Cato Journal. He has also done several book reviews printed in Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. See Link to academic papers for the complete listing of papers and link to academic books and ecomomic textbook. Dr. Cobin's books on Chile are found under the resources tab of Escape America Now.
[October 2008 to March 2014]

Pro-life libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress 4th District of South Carolina in 2006

Radio Talk Show Host, October 4, 2004 to December 2005 (part time)
Emerging from my co-host role on Christian World View Today, Greenville, SC -

  • I had hosted my own morning weekday call-in show from 7:00am to 8:30am where public policy and other issues are discussed from a Christian world view. Could be heard over the internet via the link on my home page.

Financial Planner (and Professor part time), May 2001 - Present. I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses and seminars (part time) in economics and public policy at The King's College in New York City and LeTourneau University in Texas, along with various universities around the world on occasion.

Independent Brokerage of Investments and Securities, Greenville, SC, utilizing many insurance carriers, including Guardian, First Colony, Fortis, Manulife, Zurich-Kemper, Standard, Old Line, GE Life & Annuity, John Hancock, Lincoln National, Lincoln Benefit, and Phoenix. Plus has been a part time Professor at universities such as North Greenville College.

Director of Research (and Senior Economist), January-April 2001
Hispanic Business, Santa Barbara, CA -

  • Managed research department providing for magazine's core product, supervising up to 6 employees, doing budget, business development, technical projects, plus supporting sales and e-commerce. Difficult work environment with extremely high (112% annually) employee turnover.
  • Developed consulting business for the firm and oversaw board of economists.
  • Troubled firm (in my opinion), marked by extremely high employee turnover, was unable to make good on what it promised for my role/department so I resigned after giving them 90 days trial (normal probation period).

Policy Expert/Visiting Professor of Economics/Public Policy, 2000 - 2003 (occasional and part time)
Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala and Consultores en Políticas Públicas, Ltda., Oxnard, CA

  • Taught courses (in Spanish and English) on regulation/public choice/free market economics/Austrian economics. Consulted on major educational and research projects.
  • Maintains Web site designed to assist researchers/students; manages e-mail list of 80+ international professionals.

Professor of Economics/Public Policy, 1996 - 2000

Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile and Centro de Estudios Públicos, Santiago, Chile

  • Performed extensive research, compiled writings/taught courses in public policy, economics and regulation.

Policy Project Consultant/Research Assistant, 1994 - 1995

The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C. and The Center for Market Processes, Fairfax, VA

  • Gathered and arranged data pertaining to property rights and federal lands while maintaining graduate curriculum for doctoral degree.

Financial Sales Consultant, 1989 - 1994

John Cobin, Financial Services, Rogue River, OR

  • Hired, trained and coached staff; managed operations, budgets and cost controls; devised marketing procedures.
  • Advised 100+ clients; managed up to $2 million in assets; provided financial advice and tailored insurance services.

President/Owner, 1989 - 1993

J&F Enterprises, Grants Pass, OR

  • Managed sales and operations of startup; generated $55K with profitable sale of company.
  • Identifiedprospects through retailer marketing program; grew client base and product line.

Programmer/Consultant, 1986 - 1992

Profitable Solutions, Inc. CA, HI, OR

  • Installed hardware and software applications in personal computers.
  • Provided dBASE programming/troubleshooting services for substantial clients in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Oregon.

Objective and Temperament

I am a very resourceful man with a strong work ethic looking for a role in management consulting or business development management. I am especially interested in a role where I can apply my bilingual Spanish/English skills. I have a managerial temperament type (ENTJ on Myers-Briggs). My experience is multifarious, ranging from entrepreneur to author to technical to sales to academic, giving me a broad-based knowledge and skills set. I will not disappoint the firm that hires me for the role I am seeking. I was raised in southern California and still have ties there, although I am willing to locate elsewhere in the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, or New Zealand. I am willing to travel up to 25% of the time.

Key Achievements

  • Resourceful and efficiency-oriented management style leading to high achievement
  • Proficient implementer of high-tech solutions for management, production, and marketing strategies
  • Highest academic credentials
  • Ability to conceive of insightful privatization solutions for public policy problems
  • Published analyst and strategist for coping with regulation and public policies affecting the firm
  • Dynamic public speaker and course lecturer
  • Record of successful, independent production and sales
  • Expertise in the collection and analysis of data
  • Successful writer of both academic books and articles as well as journalistic (popular) pieces
  • Potential bridge builder between Spanish and English language environments


  • English (native)
  • Spanish

Capacities and Credentials

  • FINRA Series 66 (NASSA Registered Investment Adviser [90% passing score] / Blue Sky [82% passing score] May 15, 2001) Securities Registration.
  • FINRA Series 7 (Registered Representative / General Securities [86% passing score] May 23, 2001) Securities Registration.
  • FINRA Series 24 (Registered Principal / Supervise Registered Representatives [80% passing score] June 8, 2001) Securities Registration.
  • FINRA Series 4 (Registered Options Principal / Supervise Options Trading [80% passing score] August 27, 2001) Securities Registration.
  • Life/Health Insurance and Annuities Licenses for California (Lic. #0D32920, state test passed and subsequently licenced on June 11, 2001), South Carolina (Lic. #568218994, state test passed July 25, 2002 [80% passing score] and subsequently licensed in August 2002), Georgia (Lic. #AGN607550, August 27, 2001), and North Carolina.
  • Major software: MS Office, email, etc.
  • HTML
  • dBASE programming

Work Authorizations

  • Chile (citizen)
  • Italy

Overseas Experience (has been in 70 countries)

Chile (over 8 years), Croatia, Guatemala (6 weeks), Italy (4x, for 6 weeks total), New Zealand (3 weeks), Jordan (2 months), and Iran (2 months), plus considerable travel in Argentina (8x), Austria (2x), Belgium, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil (3x), Canada (8x), Czech Republic (3x) [click here to see a write-up in Czech of a lecture done in Prague], Egypt (2x), England (3x) and Wales, France (3x), Germany (2x), Greece (2x), Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel (2x), Liechtenstein (2x), Macau, Malaysia, Mexico (12x), Montenegro, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru (4x), Romania, San Marino, Serbia (3x), Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland (2x), Tahiti, Thailand, Turkey (2x), Ukraine, Uruguay, Vatican City, as well as 49 USA states (all but Alaska) and every region in Chile. View legal and personal documents here.



  • Snow skiing
  • Camping
  • Touring
  • Writing
  • Volleyball
  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Chess
  • Baseball cards
  • Gold and silver coins
  • Technology
  • Homeschooling

Dr. Cobin’s 2010 PDF book, Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers, is the most comprehensive treatise on Chilean life ever written, designed to help newcomers get settled in Chile. He covers almost ever topic imaginable for immigrants. This knowledge is applied in his valet consulting service, where he guides expatriates through the process of finding a place to live and settle in Chile, helping them glide over the speed bumps that they would otherwise face in getting their visas, setting up businesses, buying real estate, investing in Chilean stocks or gold coins, etc.

Buy Dr. Cobin’s Public Policy books at Amazon.com:
A Primer on Modern Themes in Free Market Economics and Policy (2009)
Christian Theology of Public Policy: Highlighting the American Experience (2006)
Bible and Government: Public Policy from a Christian Perspective(2003)

View John's NOW OLD Personal and Family Photos

Policy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issues
Policy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issuesPolicy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issuesPolicy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issuesPolicy of Liberty en Espanol
Policy of Liberty is your source for books/papers on free market economics and pro-life policy as well as quotes and links to economic related issues
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